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What to do with EMT certification?

by tom44 on August 10, 2013

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Question by Larissa: What to do with EMT certification?
I signed up at a local ambulance service to take am EMT class. The class is march-June.
After that, if we pass our testing, we will be a certified EMT.

Now, Im not sure exactly what I can do with that. I know I can work on an ambulance and some emergency rooms.
But what exactly am I getting here? Will I be able to actually get a job? And will I actually get to do the things I was trained to do?

I know theres a difference between EMT and paramedic so no need to explain that..

Also, I live in Pennsylvania

Best answer:

Answer by Buddy
It is a simple little entry level certification. It is not a college degree. The training is limited to basic first aid since the course is very short.

You can work in the ER if you have additional certs like CNA and phlebotomy.

Since the requirements and time invested to be an EMT are very little, thousands take the course all hoping to be heros like you see on TV. As long as there are stupid TV shows like Chicago Fire and Trauma, the market will be flooded with EMTs.

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