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What to do? I’m at a bus station?

by tom44 on September 20, 2012

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Question by Beautiful Life: What to do? I’m at a bus station?
Before anyone says i’m a troll, i’m def. not! I’m actually on my iphone which i won’t have for very long if i don’t find a job immediately. I’m originally from NYC, i’m 23. i’M A CNA (1 months experience) & a DIRECT CARE WORKER (2 yrs experience) I got an associates in Psychology. I left home because my mom was verbally and emotionally abusing me. I had an emotional breakdown and decided to grab my things and just leave. I’m tired of her controlling and tearing me apart with constant belittling and making me feel like a worthless pile of s-hit because I don’t look anything like how she wants me to look and be. I wasn’t really thinking when i travelled across the country. I just thought “start a new life, at a new location” and this is where i’ve always wanted to be. but this is a very dangerous city. “San Diego” I don’t know any place out of NY. what to do from here? I only have $ 236.56 in my bank account.

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Answer by travelmaster
you might try some social service, tralver’s aid

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3 thoughts on “What to do? I’m at a bus station?

  1. Brian says:

    it’s not that dangaous. all i can say right now is check into a hotel, get a goodnights sleep, and in the morning try to figure out your next move. u can stay in the hotel for a while, but then eventually you’re gonna have to leave and find soem place to live and a job. try to make friends with someone. head down to the beach, the zoo, or balboa park and try to get to know someone. then try to find a place to live and a job.
    good luck to you
    if you need to, call some other family to come to san diego. like an aunt, uncle, or cousin or something. or someone you know back in ny who won’t snitch you out.
    do you think your parents are gonna report you to the police, and they’re gonna be looking for you?

  2. Yeti says:

    Call 211 and see if they can help you find a shelter or something like that. If you had a breakdown of some form, you may be able to check into the psychiatric services for a bit and get some counseling and your feet under you, too. Be careful about the way they’ll want to recklessly throw pills at you to “mask symptoms” though.

    Anyway, ending up on the other side of the country with only $ 200 in your pocket usually isn’t good. I understand where you’re coming from, but it may have been wiser to find friends to stay with, etc. elsewhere first.

    There may or may not be an issue with you being a new arrival to the area, too. Lots of places like San Diego can get touchy when people are essentially homeless, etc., elsewhere then just decide to pop into town without knowing a single person to use the social services — they usually like to at least see some form of residency and work effort first (e.g., you moved to San Diego with enough money to support yourself for 2-3 months, and really truly tried to find work, but couldn’t). It may be that you need to head back to NYC to get your feet under you independently, etc., first before you try moving somewhere — and it’s usually easier where you already know your way around, etc. San Diego is a big city, too — if you just sort of picked it on impulse, you could have a long ways to go to know your way around, and unlike NYC, there’s not really good public transportation, etc. It’s not a good city to be new in if you don’t have a penny in your pocket, and ultimately have to end up in super cheap housing and so on — yes, it can be fairly dangerous in many areas, much like L.A. San Diego and California in general are also in very bad financial shape — if you’re job hunting and so on, you may not have picked a wise place, doubly so given the local expense. Anyway, I’d try the 211 service, but do be ready to head back to NYC for things, or to the midwest, etc., instead. It’s not clear why you always wanted to be in San Diego, but the fantasy is likely to be harshly different than the reality with the amount it sounds like things were thought through.

  3. bmrr227 says:

    really san diego a dangerous city? i dont think it’s any worse than NYC?

    why dontcha just stay at a shelter until your able to find a job. if you cant find a job and dont want to stay at a shelter you can always go to FHA and apply for section 8. it’s where they help people with needs free housing but they’re very picky. if you want a job look for one part time.

    try south bay i live in mission but right now south bay is hiring almost everywhere from restaruants in otay ranch to starbucks and petco. you can even go to petco park in downtown and apply for a supervisor position i know they’re gonna hire pretty soon.

    good luck

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