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What state and City is the best place to get a job in?

by tom44 on April 6, 2013

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Question by MomOf2Babies: What state and City is the best place to get a job in?
I was just wondering if anyone has any idea on where the jobs are? We are in Arizona right now and it seems like the only jobs available are call center jobs. Does anyone know where there would be better jobs that aren’t call center jobs?


Best answer:

Answer by Dave W
From what I’ve heard, some of the lowest unemployment rates are in places like North Dakota and South Dakota. You have to be able to tolerate cold really well to live in a place like that though. I’ve heard that some parts of North Carolina (e.g. around Raleigh/Durham) are also doing relatively well. The climate is more hospitable there, though someone moving from Arizona might have trouble with the summer humidity in a place like that.

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