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What should I write for my personal statement?

by tom44 on April 6, 2013

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Question by gouty G: What should I write for my personal statement?
I am an undergraduate applying for admission to the College of Charleston, and part of the application is an optional 500 word personal statement, which I have no clue what to write about. Obviously I need to do it granted it is optional, but what the heck is a personal statement and what do I need to write 500 words about?

Best answer:

Answer by Ellie
i just finished writing mine 🙂 write about the subjects that you want to take, and why you want to do them. also write about any work experience or a part time job you have. also write about anything that sounds good that you have achieved at your time at school. yours has to be 500 words mine had to be around 2000!! consider yourself lucky :L

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3 thoughts on “What should I write for my personal statement?

  1. claire says:

    i don’t think any stranger on yahoo answers could tell you what to write about. the personal statement is all about YOU, your beliefs, your outlook on life, goals, etc.. only you can write a personal statement about yourself. good luck.

  2. LHC1 says:

    Try and include something eye-catching about something that is unique to yourself. The people who read these PSs get bored out of their skulls, so put in idiosyncrasies that other candidates might not have. Also, displaying independant knowledge of the college shows initiative (e.g part of the reason I want to (x) college is because i want to get involved in the famous (x) club that was established in 1899 ect).

  3. Michael // says:

    You do not want to get what to write from here:

    Universities and colleges search the internet for phrases in your personal statement, if they find out you’ve copied from someone else they will 100% reject your application.

    Just write about what you do (basically anything you do which benefits yourself or others) and explain why these things help you and what qualities they display you have.

    eg “Work experience gave me an insight into (insert field here) and helped me get an idea of how the stuff I learn is applied into real life, work related situations”. That kind of thing.

    Also mention your current subjects, and more importantly WHY you want to study a specific course.

    Good luck, writing a personal statement is one of the worst things ever!

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