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What should I expect in a job change to a traveling job?

by tom44 on April 21, 2013

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Question by guitarmaster901: What should I expect in a job change to a traveling job?
I’ve always stayed close to home to work (30 min drives) and I’m about to switch jobs to where I’ll be traveling to new places all over the united states. I’m just curious what to expect from this kind of a switch and if there are any advice to help me out. My fiancee is fine with me doing this switch because she is used to her dad being gone plus the money is way more then what I’m making now. So some good advice please.

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Answer by Bill
The hardest part of a traveling job is trying to establish a normal personal life. It gets old living out of a suit case and you miss out on a lot of social interaction with family and friends. You need to be able to separate the job from your personal life. The job is the means to a good personal life but should not be everything.

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One thought on “What should I expect in a job change to a traveling job?

  1. Smiling says:

    Many business travelers – go to the office and the hotel either eating in the restaurant every night or having room service. Many people get in the habit of doing this, don’t do it!!

    Try to actually enjoy and learn about where you visit. I have a job where it’s not uncommon for me to be gone 3 weeks a month. I have had a lot of experiences – went on the insomniacs tour of the Dallas Museum of art (it was at midnight, I’m from Cal it was only 10pm my time, I’d be tossing and turning in bed anyway). I had 5th row at the Rockettes show at Radio City Music Hall (by yourself, you can usually walk up and find a great single ticket). I went to the SARS benefit concert in Toronto with the Rolling Stones & Justin Timberlake playing on stage together (it was an all day concert, I got there around 7:30pm, there was still plenty to see). I’ve had plenty of mai tais on a lanai (patio) in Wakiki watching the sunset.
    – and the list goes on…

    There are a few places, it’s difficult to figure out what to do. The worst is Davenport, IA. Surprisingly, Santa Fe, NM is another one = most stores close at 6:00, right when I would get finished with work but they at least have great food.

    Enjoy your adventures.

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