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What should i do to prepare myself for my job interveiw at pizza hut tommorrow?

by tom44 on July 4, 2013

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Question by Christopher: What should i do to prepare myself for my job interveiw at pizza hut tommorrow?
I have a job interveiw at pizza hut tomorrow at 4 and this is my first job, and first interveiw. What should i do to prepare myself for it
. ANd what should i where to it? Would some nice jeans and a polo shirt be fine. OR should i where some nicer slacks.

I have never had an interveiw before so help me out guys.

Best answer:

Answer by bin there dun that
“Casual Office” no jeans.

Your hygiene will matter as will speaking clearly. Know the reason you want to work there – because they will probably ask.

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2 thoughts on “What should i do to prepare myself for my job interveiw at pizza hut tommorrow?

  1. cti3heb says:

    No jeans. Slacks are good. Try and think of the questions they are going to ask beforehand so you are prepared. for Example they are going to ask why you want to work there. Don’t answer “to make money”. Say something that fits into the company’s ideals. Don’t chew gum. Say yes sir/ma’am when asked questions. Make sure your hair is neat and trimmed. Be 15 minutes early. Shake hands with everybody you meet/interview with and look them in the eyes. Make sure you are audible when you speak. No matter what happens at the end of the interview thank them for their time.

  2. Simply Me says:

    Why did you post this twice? LOL.
    Well I never worked for Pizza Hut but I can pretty much tell you the basics.
    First off, and the most important.. GO DRESSED TO IMPRESS! Most employers know within 30 seconds if they are going to hire you. I know it’s Pizza Hut, but that doesn’t change anything. Dress very nice, hair done, showered.. and colonge, but nothing too strong. Basically how you get dressed up on holiday events that your parents make you go to. lol.

    This is your first job, so they aren’t expecting a resume, but have you done any community service? If you have, I would suggest making up a resume.. they will be shocked! All you need to put is a objective, something simple since it is your first job (you can look those up online), your education (just what high school you are attending) and then your volunteer work.
    But you don’t have to do that, it’s your first job.. so no worries.

    But basically they will ask why do you want to work for Pizza Hut (I’ve always liked the customer service and the people that work here look like they really enjoy it. I’ve never had a job before so Pizza Hut looks like a fun great job, and one that will prepare me for other career paths I choose to take in the future) you know what I’m saying?

    Don’t worry. Just be yourself, and go in with a smile, and you will do fine!!

    At the end of the interview they usually ask “Do you have any questions?” please ask him “What is the next step of this hiring process” so that you know what’s to come. Then he/she will tell you, then ask for a contact number that you can contract them directly. If they say they will call by Friday, Friday afternoon, call them. If they don’t give you a date, call 2 days from tomorrow asking for the status of your application.

    Don’t worry, they know it’s your first job and they understand you have no experience. THey still called you in for a interview, and they never had to-remember that! Good Luck!!! You’ll be fine!!!

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