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What should I do?

by tom44 on June 28, 2012

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Question by Alicia A: What should I do?
I got married on September 1. And My husband joined the military. I miss him so much and I feel emotional and empty inside all the time. He’s in Basic training right now.

My husband is in basic training he started on September 25. I am attending job corps right now. I finished my CNA course and I’m at home right now. should I go back to job corps or stay in Boston? I’m living with my mom and I’m looking for a job, But I haven’t wanted to do anything just cry and be lazy. Hes coming back on December. Should I move in with his parents in maine and wait for him or should I stay home. Another thing is that my parents are being weird with me. I dont know i’m just lost and confused and need advice.

Best answer:

Answer by Green Girl
When you’re feeling like you do, the best thing for you is to be around supportive people. So, I would avoid your parents if they are “being weird” with you. But the worst thing you could do would be to sit around and do nothing. That is part of a spiral that goes on and on. You need to be able to express yourself to others. Human beings are social creatures. You need to talk when you feel down.

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8 thoughts on “What should I do?

  1. ladylady4470 says:

    You have to do what is best for you. Are you sure your parents are being weird or is it just you being upset and lonely and confused? Have you talked with your hubby about any of this and see what he thinks?

  2. rascal_flatts_lvr says:


  3. says:

    You see, when you get married you are not expected by convention to still live at home neither should you live with his parents, you need to get your place as soon as you land a job.

  4. daljack says:

    Stay at home and make some plans to keep yourself busy and active for the next year.

    It sounds like a long time especially being a newlywed….but it’s going to go by fast.

    Even though your parents are acting weird it’s better to stay where you know things and people.

    Keep a journal for your husband to read when he gets home….let him know what you did and how you were feeling at least weekly.

    Good luck to both of you.

  5. Rosie_0801 says:

    See a doctor and get a prescription for some very mild anti-depressants just to take the edge off and get you going again. Then get off them asap!
    This is such a good opportunity for you! It’s lonely, sure, but men are hard work and take up a lot of time. You can use this time to finish your education, get a job and start saving for a nest egg. You can indulge in hobbies and learn all the sorts of skills you’ll want to pass onto your kids. Cooking, sewing, mosaic, woodwork, whatever. It’ll pass the time and your hubby will feel better knowing you’re ok.

  6. julianna76301 says:

    You need some independence to come to grips with this. You are adult enough to get married, you are adult enough to handle to problems that come with it. Get some counseling, speak to a friend, talk with your clergy. You need to get a job and devote your time to something constructive, instead of fixating on being seperated from him right now. You two will be together for the rest of your lives, this will pass and life will go on. Do something with this time you two are apart, have something to show for it, do something to help the two of you financially or do something that you can have pride in. I wish you all the best, and stop all that crying! Peace.

  7. Baby Poots says:

    You married a person who commited himself, perhaps temporarily, to the military; but he is commited. I suggest you stay with your mom until your husband completes basic training and is assigned to a base, at which time you can join him.

  8. Sue C says:

    It doesn’t sound like you’re living in the most uplifting place you could be at this time in your life. You need to be w/positive helping folks. Why your parents are acting the way they are is not helping you & your state of mind. You need to keep your mind occupied & in a good way. Your husband w/be back in just two months, & actually that’s not a long time away. I don’t know if you’d be better off w/his parents or not either, only you can ans. that. But try to do things that w/keep your mind occupied & see if there is something somewhere you can be w/folks your own age. People who are going to help lighten your load so to speak & be able to share things with when you just need to talk w/someone. You’ve got to keep yourself busy so you get out of your slump. It won’t be long until he’s back w/you again. It could be worse, he culd. be over seas. Try to think of the things you’re grateful for & try to fill your mind w/those thoughts. The best to you…

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