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What school is good to go to for ultrasound tech in Phoenix AZ?

by tom44 on May 21, 2013

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Question by Dominic: What school is good to go to for ultrasound tech in Phoenix AZ?
Hi I’m looking Into schools to go for ultrasound tech ive always wanted to go for that I’m currently getting my GED because I had mi two boys and never finish high school.. I looked at Stanford brown and west coast ultrasound tech and heard thongs about them now I’m looking into gateway community collage I want an accerited school and one that I’m not gonna have to much diffuclty finding a job afterword as far as certificates and stuff thank you …

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Answer by Thomas
Look into ASU’s programs. They have a downtown Phoenix campus, along with three other campuses that might house your major.

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One thought on “What school is good to go to for ultrasound tech in Phoenix AZ?

  1. Leigh23 says:

    There is only 1 accredited Diagnostic Medical Sonography program listed for AZ – GateWay Community College in Phoenix. It’s crucial to go through an accredited program so you can be registry-eligible immediately after graduating (which is what employers will be looking for). Do not waste your time/money on a non-accredited program. And definitely don’t go through a program at a trade school like Sanford Brown – they are not well-respected in the ultrasound community and could really hurt you when looking for a job.

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