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What qualifications does a forensic scientist job require?

by tom44 on March 14, 2013

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Question by areyouready116: What qualifications does a forensic scientist job require?
I am doing a research paper and I need to know what exact qualifications I would need for a career in forensic science. Any additional information on this career would be greatly appreciated as well. Thank-You!

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Answer by marxengelslenintrotsky
chemistry, biology, psychology, sociology maybe some subjects

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2 thoughts on “What qualifications does a forensic scientist job require?

  1. remowlms says:

    Well it depends on what area you are going into. An accident reconstructionist usually has a Mechanical Engineering degree, a medical examiner has a medical degree and so on.

  2. Expert Answers™ says:

    You will find all the resources you need on the American Academy of Forensic Science. I have provided you with some helpful links at the bottom to help you get started.

    Guide on a career as a Forensic Scientist:

    Current Job Listings:

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