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What programs/occupations can you be in for a year or less and obtain a good job from it?

by tom44 on September 26, 2013

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Question by ms. confused: What programs/occupations can you be in for a year or less and obtain a good job from it?
My friend became a LPN within a year or less. I would like to be in a course similar to that, but I am not good with blood. I would like to be in a program where I can become something administrative or possibly a nurse or so within less than a year. I live in Maryland. I like dealing with people. Wouldn’t mind counseling or administrative work or human resources, etc. What are the types of work I could do?

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Answer by WinonaGal
Some of the jobs you mentioned take years to be trained in.
You could start at the bottom in something like Human Resources and work your way up while possibly taking one or two college courses at a time in the evenings in HR management and/or business management.
Sometimes certain things don’t come all that quickly and it’s hard to be patient.
I do know of a massage therapist program at a community college that is only something like 19 months long and then you are licensed. Hair styling is also something that doesn’t require a super long education. Both jobs work with people.
The career path for both, I guess, it so own your own shop at some point in time, but it takes good management skills in order to do that.
Good luck.

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