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What precisely has Obama done for me, or anyone else, that would justify someone voting for him this November?

by tom44 on March 30, 2013

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Question by Krazygrrl: What precisely has Obama done for me, or anyone else, that would justify someone voting for him this November?

@ Justagrandma – you might be right, but that is not what the DNC has been saying. JFK loved this country, Obama despises it.

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You are asking a lot about obama.

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15 thoughts on “What precisely has Obama done for me, or anyone else, that would justify someone voting for him this November?

  1. Larry S says:

    He just gave me a stroke by trying to think of a reason.

  2. Ricky says:

    Every once in awhile he dont use teleprompters?

  3. Walter C says:

    Obama has done nothing for anybody except his friends. He is still a friend to Bill Ayres.

  4. Jeffrey says:

    If you’re a muslim extremist United States citizen, than you’d probably be overjoyed that Obama went out of his way to apologize for a burnt Quran (

  5. Wayne says:

    well he has agreed to gay marriage… he has showed white america, that a black man can run the country…

  6. Jim says:

    He let us live! (he COULD have given his personal hitman, Eric Holder the green light to take us out!)

  7. Wayne says:

    you must divert from the real issues , the dems want you to divert

  8. OWS Pooping For Communism says:

    The media tells libtard lemmings they need to support him. And his blackness is a great presidential attribute, according to libtard logic. That’s all these lemmings really need.

  9. Paul Grass™ says:

    Not a damn thing unless you are an illegal alien, or a foreign national living in China Mexico or India then he has done quite a bit but then hopefully they can’t vote

  10. electricpole says:

    He’s diverted your attention from your economic plight by telling you it’s some one else’s fault, (unless you are successful), and that should somehow make you feel good about your unchanged situation.

  11. Yeah, Butt says:

    For me or you – nothing. For unions, gays, the slacker-unemployed – a lot.

  12. ObamaManipulatesU says:

    He spent over 5 Trillion dollars- He caused gas prices to double. He’s passed Obamadon’tcare. He has helped Muslim Bro org gain more power in the Middle East. He destroyed the value of the dollar and caused Gold to double at least. He’s been destroying the private sector job market and growing jobs overseas.

  13. justagrandma says:

    Remember what JKF said, “Ask not what your country can do for you, but ask what you can do for your country”.
    It seems that’s gone out of style.

    I have yet to see that Obama has done anything that shows he despises the country. You might not agree with his policy, but I didn’t agree with Bush’s and I still managed to think he didn’t hate the country.

  14. toughguy2 says:

    I knew Obama was a terrible mistake from the beginning and I was proved to be right. Despite liberal claims, the economy has not gotten better and neither has the job situation. The deficit is out of control and they still have not balanced the budget in over 3 years. He apologizes for America and has socialist/marxist ideas (redistribution of wealth anyone) Big difference in JFK and Obama and the Democats of today and back then. I cannot honestly see how anyone can approve of the job he has done as Commander in Chief.

  15. Andy F says:

    As a democratic socialist, I’m disappointed in Obama. So are many other Democrats with more centrist politics.

    HOWEVER, Obama has done many things that will lead millions of people to vote for him in November:

    1) followed up on initiative begun under George W. Bush when he bailed out the US banks in early 2009, thus stopping a frightening financial crisis that could have collapsed the world economy.

    2) in 2009 he pushed through an “economic stimulus” program that was too small, but that helped to end the worst US economic recession in 65 years — a recession that had begun under Bush

    3) Obama also chose, despite GOP opposition, to rescue the Detroit auto makers General Motors and Chrysler, and in this way saved many auto workers’ jobs, as well as the economy of southeastern Michigan

    4) Obama also presided over US military withdrawal from an active role in Iraq — not perfectly, but he did put an end to a failed war that Bush had launched in 2003 under false pretenses.

    5) Whatever you think of the legality of his methods, Obama by giving an OK to the SEAL raid on Bin Laden’s compound in Pakistan deliverd on George Bush’s unfilled promise to get Bin Laden “dead or alive.”

    6) by pushing through “Obamacare” — whether you love or hate it — Obama made it illegal for health insurers to deny coverage to people with existing medical conditions — i.e. to those who need insurance the most.

    7) He also make it possible for parents to keep their children on existing health care policies until the children turn 26, thus helping out millions of American families.

    8) Despite being Wall Street’s favorite candidate in 2008 — an honor Romney holds today — Obama put his support behind the Dodd Frank bill to re-regulate the US financial industry. Dodd Frank is far from perfect, but does begin to fix flaws in the US government’s approach to the banking industry that helped cause the 2008 financial crash.

    9) Unlike Bush, who was widely perceived in foreign countries to be a bully, a fool and a proponent of the US dominating the world, Obama has restored respect for the US overseas and has helped to dispel the image of the US as a drunken cowboy shooting up the nearest saloon.

    In this way, Obama has helped restore this country’s “soft power” — by making us seem more likeable, both to our tradtiional allies and everybody else.

    Obama’s record on foreign affairs is hardly perfect, of course . Leftists and Ron Paul libertarians alike are horrified by Obama asserting the government’s supposed authority to kill “terrorist” supporters who are US citizens w/o formal legal procedures.

    But whatever his compromises in foreign policy, Obama still isn’t as nakedly supportive of, say — torture & “extraordinary” rendition as Bush was.

    (9) — Despite campaign promises, Obama hasn’t done much to get the US government to tackle climate change. But to his credit, he has tried to promote the creation of “green jobs,” notably through government subsidies for high-speed rail projects and green energy.

    Yes, there have been some scandals associated with this push – eg Solyndra. — but in contrast to the brain-dead Bush / Cheney administration, Obama at least is moving in the right direction.

    11) Oh, and one other thing — something that will never win him friends in the Tea Party.

    By serving for almost 4 years as the nation’s first “black” or at least biracial president, Obama has provided an inspiring ROLE MODEL to millions of black American kids.

    Yeah, you can hate the job he’s doing, but we live in a society where “gangsta” rap and professional sports figures of low moral worth are commonly put forward as the highest role models that African American kids can imitate as they grow up.

    Obama, whatever his faults, provides a better option — good English speaker, faithful husband, devoted father, Harvard graduate, sucessful politician.

    I would much rather that minority kids in my city follow that example instead of dreaming of becoming successful drug dealers. So would you, I think — unless you’re a stone cold white racist and a fool.

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