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what police department accept lateral transfers from philadelphia?

by tom44 on July 10, 2013

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Question by lbyrd33333: what police department accept lateral transfers from philadelphia?
i am a philadelphia police officer looking to relocate but i want to still be a police officer. i don’t want to go into the academy again so if anyone knows where they are hiring for lateral transfers let me know.

Best answer:

Answer by Shogun

You don’t say where you want to move to, but lateral transfers (out of state) are pretty rare now due to the more strict state certification requirements. They were much more doable in the 70’s and 80’s. At the least they will expect you to attend a class on state and local laws.

Your best bet is to check with adjoining states to see if they recognize your certification. If they do you can walk right on to the job. Small town departments are usually so happy to get someone with big city experience they will work with you on a partial academy agreement. It also helps with their limited funding when they don’t have to pay for the entire academy time.

What I am trying to say is that it will be on an individual department basis, unless you can find an enlistment ad online that suggests lateral agreements. The last big department I heard offering this, and it was many years ago, was Seattle, WA. Decide where you want to go and then start working with their recruiter. Good luck Partner.

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One thought on “what police department accept lateral transfers from philadelphia?

  1. fulkweed_u says:

    Hi,I’m from S.C,I beleive Norfolk Virginia and the Phoenix Police allows lateral transfers.

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