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What personality, style, and futures would you give these names?

by tom44 on November 1, 2013

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Question by Pat: What personality, style, and futures would you give these names?


Best answer:

Answer by Life is a BULLY!
I hate to break it to you but you can’t predict a person’s personality, style or future based on their name.

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8 thoughts on “What personality, style, and futures would you give these names?

  1. Idaho Mom says:

    Sofia – old & wrinkley
    Bree – smells like a cat
    Annie – the ‘dude’ dike
    Joe – ‘How you doin’?’ (from friends)
    Andy – red head & freckles
    Richard – dick

  2. Hey There:) says:

    When I think of Sofia, I think of maybe a receptionist, very put together, likes things organized and great at what she does. She loves reading and long walks, she probably would live in New York, or maybe Boston or Chicago. Bree, I picture her living in Portland, Oregon, a place where people are free to be who they want. Very active city, and she would always be on the go, walking, running, hiking, everything. She would probably be a nutritionist or something in that field. Annie, well she would be a teacher, probably elementary, very good with children and would probably live in the suburbs, not a big city, but some place like carlsbad, in San Diego, California.

    Okay so for the boys, Joe, he owns his own bar. Very fun loving guy, and would probably live in a big city, like Sofia, New York, Chicago, Boston even maybe San Diego. Andy, well he would be the great dad. Loves his family and works hard at is job as an engineer to support his family. They probably live in San Francisco. Richard, well he is the hard working surgeon, he never really had time to build a family or even fall in love because he went from high school, to medical school, internship to residency.

    good luck! ha and fun question!

  3. kind of exciting <3 says:

    Sofia – italian, so dark hair, olive-y tanned skin, kind of a brat
    Bree – brunette, tanned and sweet
    Annie – dirty blond and very outgoing

    Joe – brunette, lady’s man (haha) and outgoing
    Andy – brunette, quiet, smart (kind of a nerd)
    Richard – very dark hair, kind of heavy, funny and outgoing


  4. Kristy C says:

    Sofia – Loves cooking, caring for others. Style would be blended with her culture. Future would be an excellent mother, perhaps a nurse or architect.
    Bree – Critical, kind, and a little naive. Style: A little traditional, with ruffles and plaits added in. Future of being a perfectionist and very clean, with both her life and habitat.
    Annie – Free spirit, soft-hearted, and smart. Style: Completely unique, and what she likes. Future of having adventures, moments of pure courage, and sun-bathing , lol.

    Joe – down to earth, determined, kind – Style, casual, but crisp. Perhaps a lawyer or a doctor who would visit homes.
    Andy – visionary, humorous, naive – Style: soft at the edges, cotton. Future of being in a singing group, or an inventor of imaginative, unuseful things.
    Richard – smart, generous, warm, style: comfortable suits, ties, polyester. Future of being a successful investor, perhaps a doctor or dentist.


  5. ConverseGirl :) says:

    Sofia: A 14 year old girl that’s very beautiful and has more soul then any other girl her age, she has very nice clear skin and usually wears white, never black, and she is just a free spirit! :]
    Bree: She is your typical 22 year old she likes to party! Ha ha when she’s not doing that she is with her boyfriend (but they don’t stay the same for long! 🙂 and she fights with her mom a lot! She has long straight blonde hair highlighted and low-lighted and she is very slim.
    Annie: She a very nice young 18 year old, but it can get annoying! She really doesn’t wear anything but school dress code plaid shorts and polo’s and she is always smiling! She has few friends because she cant get through a sentence without smiling! She has curly brown hair that has a mind of its own!
    Joe: This 19 year old is the lady’s man! He always has a girlfriend (sometimes more then one!) and he hates running into his old ex’s! He has a winning smile and killer clothes! Not to mention he has a sick 6 pack!
    Andy: Well he has had a couple of girlfriends (he’s only 17), but that was it for his 15 minutes of fame! He hasn’t gone on a date in over a year! (Poor guy!) He has a full head of brown hair that’s pretty wavy and crazy! He might be cute if he didn’t have those awful blue braces!
    Richard: Richard being only 24 is a business man! He has played on jeopardy twice and he is always busy with extra work! He has 5 ‘O clock shadow and a messy haircut! He doesn’t really have any friends (To busy!) but he is very close with his dad.

  6. Cranberry says:

    Sofia- a very well off, ritzy, kinda mean girl who ends up a successful money making woman probably because of her rich husband. She will probably look old & wrinkly, more so than most old women.
    Bree- a really bright, cheery, preppy teenager who is nice to everyone. She doesn’t like everyone but she tries to stay on their good side. She’ll end up average (money wise) with her own coffee shop that she opened herself using her own money. Her husband isn’t from a very well off family but they are happy together & very much in love. She’ll end up looking old (of course) but pretty for her age.
    Annie is the happy-go-lucky teenager that doesn’t see anything wrong with anyone. She doesn’t really fit into a certain “clique” so she has friends from every individual group. She ends up average (money wise) married to a somewhat poor guy but together they manage to make enough money to be average. She ends up being the little old lady on the block that every child considers their grandma.

    Joe is just the “average joe”. Lol. He was a football player in high school. He ends up average (money wise) & married to a pretty woman that loves him more than anything. He is a construction worker, she is a teacher. They end up being the little old couple who have a big family that gets together every holiday.
    Andy is the “class clown” in high school. Everyone loves him & he loves to make people laugh. He ends up average (money wise) although he comes from a very well off family. He marries a gorgeous woman who sometimes cheats on him with a coworker. They end up divorced & he remarries. Him & his new wife live a happily married life & see the kids once a year.
    Richard is the incredibly rich guy. Everyone goes to him when they need something. He tried drugs a couple times but nothing really interested him. Now he’s still the rich guy & he’s married to a gorgeous woman who also happens to be rich. They agreed to an “open” relationship & sleep around a little. They’re mostly faithful but sometimes they just need a little change in their every day life. Their kids don’t like coming home for the holidays so they try to come up with reasons every time their parents call.

    Haha those were just the first thoughts that popped into my head.. Nothing personal or associated with anyone in particular.

    Answer mine?;_ylt=AjoBua3uFfu6m9TZdG8nKbjsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20100710230207AAyzeaH

  7. This is what dreams are made of! says:

    sofia—a very out going girl may not be the most popular but always making people smile
    bree— the slut…always wamts attention even if he means putting her body out there
    annie—the smart and kind onealways wants to please someone even if it means put her needs second

    joe—the football player always makes people laugh
    andy—the drop out
    richard—goes to college type very smart but not always the nicest a little stuck up

  8. Mer says:

    Sofia-long, dark auburn hair, naturally tan skin, and dark hazel eyes. Naturally thin, average height, preppy style (mini skirts, blazers, Abercrombie-ish) but very stylish. Very outgoing, but sweet and very charming high school student. Best friend of Bree.
    Bree-short blonde straight hair cut into a stylish bob, naturally pale skin but goes tanning, and dull blue eyes. Tall, thin, athletic build from excersize, also a a preppy style. Outgoing, popular, and a little pushy high school student. Best friend of Sofia.
    Annie-sandy brown hair, pale skin and freckles, with bright green eyes. Petite and very bohemian style (earth tones, skirts, flowy shirts, skinny jeans, belts, headbands) but still stylish. Quiet, sweet, and very caring. wants to help the environment. High school student.

    Joe- short brown, stylishly messy hair, olive skin and big brown eyes. Tall, athletic and muscular. Very Abercrombie and Fitch modelesque. Friendly, lots of friends and liked by everyone. High school student.
    Andy-long straight sandy blonde hair, straight over left eye, tanned skin, and blue eyes. Average height, thin yet built. Skater-boy style (plaid shirt, skinny jeans very Pacsun). Quiet, but obnoxious when with friends, very much your average teenage boy. High School Student.
    Richard-reddish brown untamed, short hair, pale skin and small amount of freckles. Tall and gangly. Very smart, and pretty geeky, plain style. Quiet, but vocal when he knows he’s right. High school student.

    Just what popped into mind right away. Hope i helped!

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