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What pays better Medical billing or CNA?

by tom44 on June 21, 2012

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Question by Rae: What pays better Medical billing or CNA?
I’m looking for a new part time job before I start school back up in the fall.
I need a job that pays decent for now so that I can afford the schooling because I would like to become a pediatrician.
I was thinking of taking a short training course for either a CNA position or a Medical billing specialist. I am not looking for this to be my long term career, but need help deciding as to which will pay more money in the long run? I live in Boston, Massachusetts…if that helps.
Thanks a lot !

Best answer:

Answer by Moon Crystal
I don’t know how much people in medical billing get paid, but CNAs ger paid a $ 1 or $ 2 above minimum wage and do a lot of dirty work and back breaking labor.

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One thought on “What pays better Medical billing or CNA?

  1. Michael says:

    Wow !!!

    Talk about opposite ends of the scale !!

    A CNA makes about $ 9.00/ hour (~ $ 17,000/yr). A person who is very good in medical billing can make $ 30/ hour (~ $ 62,000/yr)

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