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What parts of Charleston, SC would be suitable to live in without a car?

by tom44 on April 14, 2013

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Question by Taylor: What parts of Charleston, SC would be suitable to live in without a car?
We will be moving there in the fall, and we are visiting next week to check out possible homes, jobs, etc. I do not have a car, and wish to bike and walk between work and home or wherever. What areas of the Charleston community would be most suitable for this? I would imagine living downtown would help me stay close to things, but I was unsure if there are other places around Charleston that are outside of downtown and still have a lot of life going on. Thanks!

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Answer by Love big words

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2 thoughts on “What parts of Charleston, SC would be suitable to live in without a car?

  1. The Great Brandini says:

    Usually in most cities the only part where you can easily live without a car is the downtown area or anywhere that’s pretty close to downtown. Maybe look for an apartment or home in or around downtown Charleston.

  2. kwttdic says:

    Obviously it will help you to know where you will be working to determine where you should live without a car. Just know that DT living is expensive and not necessarily convenient. You can find a Harris Teeter grocery on East Bay St. but places like Target for basic needs would be a hike. Of course I’m sure you can get all your necessities near King St but would be expensive… it all depends on your lifestyle I guess. I’d recommend finding a job to know that location first and then search for a place to live on the CARTA bus route. You can check it out here There are lots of things to do in the city that are not just DT.

    Good luck!

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