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What Pacific North East cities are like Boulder, CO?

by tom44 on November 13, 2013

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Question by Myta: What Pacific North East cities are like Boulder, CO?
Okay so I am looking to move in the near future and am needing ideas on the ideal location for me. I am very much an outdoorsy person, love hiking, biking, horseback riding. I prefer a smaller city, but would probably need a hospital or university to work at (I am in medical research). I really like Boulder with the rich culture and very active community, but I’m a little worried I’ll freeze in the winters. I lived in Ireland for some time and loved their weather (summer highs in the mid 70s, winter lows in the mid 40s, and of course, tons of rain). So the Pacific NE looks to have a similar climate, but Portland and Seattle are far too large of cities for my taste. Anyone from that area have any ideas for me?
Sorry guys, yes, Pacific Northwest… I live on the east edge of town and everything I do these days tends to be “East” so sometimes it just pops out, repetitively. As I mentioned, Seattle and Portland are really way bigger than what I want, and really have nothing in common with the “feeling” of Boulder.

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Answer by John L
Pacific North East? Hmmn. Sapporo, perhaps.

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2 thoughts on “What Pacific North East cities are like Boulder, CO?

  1. Punk Rock and Minerals says:

    do you mean Pacific Northwest?

    look at Seattle
    Olympia WA

  2. Tori says:

    Seattle is less than an hour from the national forest where there are lots of hiking trails and there are several biking trails in the area including the Burke-Gilman Trail, Sammamish River Trail and Centennial Trail to name a few. Although Seattle may be too urban for your tastes, there are more rural communities within a hour of Seattle where people keep horses. Some examples are Duval, Maple Valley, Carnation and Snohomish.

    Other areas to look at would be Bellingham or Mt Vernon. Bellingham is the home of Western Washington University and Mt Vernon has Skagit Valley Hospital and a community college. Both of these cities are smaller, closer to rural areas and the mountains. Here is an article with photos of what the area looks like:

    I would recommend securing a job offer first, because the job opportunities are much more plentiful in the Seattle area and it is too far to commute to some of the other areas I mentioned.

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