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What other health care jobs or programs can i get into with a nursing degree?

by tom44 on July 20, 2013

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Question by BDbots72: What other health care jobs or programs can i get into with a nursing degree?
Just looking for a list of programs or jobs in healthcare that require a MS or PHD, that are a little more gratifying then nursing, but that i can still use my nursing degree towards? Perhaps someone knows a good site to look up a bunch of health care jobs and programs? Thanks!

Best answer:

Answer by isleofinisfree
Amazing. Nursing is like the best profession out there. There are so many sub-specialties in all professional areas.

There are about 100 different nursing specialties. See below for the list. I know that doesn’t completely answer you question, but the list can give you some ideas. Research, for instance, or Business Administration, There the CSI angle, but the TV show seems to make it more glamorous than it probably really is. Then there are legal nurse consultants.

You can find a list of the highest paying nursing specialties here on the right hand column:

Another approach is to see what all the nursing schools offer.

You can find a list of all nursing schools here:

Since you already have your degree, the online option is a good one. You’d be amazed at what is available for nurses online. Check out the nursing degree search here:

List of nursing specialties:

* Ambulatory care nursing
* Advanced practice nursing
* Behavioral health nursing
* Burn nursing
* Camp nursing
* Cardiac nursing
* Cardiac catheter laboratory nursing
* Case management
* Clinical nurse specialist
* Clinical research nurse
* Community health nursing
* Correctional nursing
* Critical care nursing
* Developmental disabilities nursing
* District nursing
* Emergency nursing
* Environmental Health nursing
* Flight nursing
* Forensic nursing
* Gastroenterology nursing
* Genetics nursing
* Geriatric nursing
* Health visiting
* Hematology oncology nursing
* HIV/AIDS nursing
* Home health nursing
* Hospice nursing
* Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Nursing
* Intavenous therapy nursing
* Infectious disease nursing
* Legal nursing
* Legal Nurse Investigator
* Maternal-child nursing
* Matron
* Medical-surgical nursing
* Military and uniformed services nursing
* Neonatal nursing
* Neuro-surgical nursing
* Nurse anesthetist
* Nurse-midwife
* Nurse practitioner
* Nursing educator
* Nursing informatics
* Nursing management
* Obstetrics gynecology nursing
* Occupational health nursing
* Oncology nursing
* Operating room nursing
* Orthopaedic nursing
* Ostomy nursing
* Pain management and palliative care nursing
* Pediatric nursing
* Perianesthesia nursing
* Perioperative nursing
* Plastic and reconstructive surgical nursing
* Private duty nursing
* Psychiatric or mental health nursing
* Public health
* Pulmonary nursing
* Quality improvement
* Radiology nursing
* Rehabilitation nursing
* Renal dialysis nursing
* Renal nursing
* Research
* School nursing
* Sub-acute nursing
* Substance abuse nursing
* Surgical Nursing
* Telenursing
* Telemetry nursing
* Telephone triage nursing
* Transplantation nursing
* Travel nursing
* Urology nursing
* Utilization management
* Wound care

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