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What mystery shopping companies have jobs in NJ?

by tom44 on April 16, 2014

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nj jobs
by JARM13

Question by JMITW: What mystery shopping companies have jobs in NJ?
I tried asking this in another forum and the people got nasty, insisting that they must hoard the jobs for themselves…never mind the fact that the companies I currently use (marketforce/CRI) beg people to take jobs….

I am severely disabled..this is the only work I have found that I can do….it is the only way I eat and can stay in my run down 600 square foot home……there are a couple hundred legit companies…i signed up for about 10 that claim to be nationwide..only to find out they don’t have jobs in my state at all….it will take hours to go through all the companies…..i would really appreciate help narrowing down the options……

and can some please tell me why this question is a violation? I asked yesterday and got a violation notice…..the appeal system is a joke…i usually don’t get a response at all…and half the time it says it can’t submit the appeal….my last violation was when someone asked if they could find out about someone’s private medical information…..and I answered No, that professionals could not share that info under federal law and it is would be inappropriate for anyone else to share that information with an uninvolved 3rd party.
I do know about jobslinger…i also now that not all jobs are listed

Best answer:

Answer by M
I checked with a few of the mystery shopping companies that I work for and found that GFK has jobs in NJ. (I checked in a 50 mile radius of 07601) So does MSI. So does Maritz Mystery Shopping. And Second to None Mystery Shopping. You might apply with these.

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