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What military jobs get you promoted to a commissioned officer?

by tom44 on July 13, 2013

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Question by FRANKLIN: What military jobs get you promoted to a commissioned officer?
US military. What I mean is what jobs in the military are for officers only. Or if you apply you will need to be an officer to get the job.
I should of made this a bit more clearer. I know education is the number one key to becoming an officer, but I mean what jobs are strictly for officers. I believe to be a military lawyer you need to be an officer first. So any other jobs like that?

Best answer:

Answer by Katsumi
Any……if you have a 4 yr college degree.

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3 thoughts on “What military jobs get you promoted to a commissioned officer?

  1. wichitaor1 says:

    Education is what gets you a commission. All commissioned officers in the active duty military have to have a bachelor’s degree

  2. Rawbert says:

    Officers are open to all MOS’s and all MOS’s are open to officers.
    Must either have a four year degree and apply, or serve as enlisted, then Apply for OCS… neither is guaranteed to get you in as an Officer.

    Sorry “R”… technically you are right. I was keeping it simple.

  3. R says:

    Doctor, nurse, pilot, lawyer, chaplain…

    PS…officers cannot do ANY MOS, contrary to what Rawbert says…

    For instance, you can’t be a 98W is you’re an officer…they might have a position similar many times, but many jobs an officer cannot take and vice versa. An enlisted man cannot be a surgeon unless he decides to go to medical school, get his commission and then do it.

    Maybe he worded it wrong, but I put that there for clarification.

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