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What Methods Work Best for Marketing Medical Billing Services? – Recorded Webinar

by tom44 on June 14, 2014

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What will war and medical science look like in the future? How will our wars be fought abroad? Will drones and robots carry the day? And are our best scienti…
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25 thoughts on “What Methods Work Best for Marketing Medical Billing Services? – Recorded Webinar

  1. nicolas martinez says:

    black girl is right?

  2. purrot says:

    anyone else getting 3 day old tytu videos in their feed?

  3. ProjectORION89 says:

    Actually, it isn’t really all that crazy. The government budget for the NIH
    (National Institute of Health) that does medical research into cures for
    various diseases and health problems… is less than 1% of the Federal
    budget. Again, less than 1% of the budget. If we aren’t going to make
    science and technology a national priority and fund it on a level like we
    see with the defense budget, why would you be surprised we don’t have cures
    for a lot of things? Scientists don’t work for free.

  4. lukaszepesi says:

    If you leave medicine to the free market people who have rarer conditions
    will just get no treatment because it wouldn’t be cost efficient to do the
    research for a small amount of people.

  5. RDFG87 says:

    Cara’s not bad the rest are clueless.

  6. Milo Barrera says:

    Technology hasn’t even began to touch the L in limits

  7. Ich Mein says:

    They’re both morons. From what has been said in this video they don’t know
    what a free market is. I come to this channel for entertainment and on the
    off chance to learn something. On this subject, they couldn’t be more wrong.

  8. hornila sebastian says:

    ABOUTSOLARCELLS.COMXA.COMI heard Siemens just quit ‘wind’. Generally, lotsa
    investments in clean power are dying because of numerous reasons (although
    many dont like to say why:)

  9. Defacto X says:

    The pharmaceutical industry is a separate issue. Why can’t america have the
    best of both worlds? Health care for all americans AND be medically

  10. Plutonia001 says:

    In a society where money wouldn’t exist at all, there would be a high
    priority for eradicating every infectious illness, and finding cures for
    all other debilitating or life-threatening diseases. Because “creating
    jobs” is counter-productive in a moneyless system. Efficiency is the key.
    If we would get rid of all diseases, many doctors would lose their jobs and
    pharmaceutical companies would lose their demand. With money, that is
    really bad. Without money, that is really good.

  11. Das Ginge says:

    god i hate hermela’s voice

  12. jsher2107 says:

    “make your bluray hook up to your netflix”…

  13. flexbrat says:

    they will not share cures as that doesnt make money to cure ! its cash to
    treat the symtom not to cure it !

  14. BushidoBrownSama says:

    time parodox

  15. Atomsk12 says:

    Yes, since Hitler most likely killed the person who would have invented the
    Time Machine we can’t go back and kill him.

  16. ghollisjr says:

    Advancing medical technology happens in step with advancing technology
    overall. Consider for example, what if we had decided not to invest in
    computer technology and instead opt for spending all of our money on
    medical advancement before computing? We would have missed out on all of
    the chemical/biological/medical research which has depended on computing.
    To summarize, there is a lot of interplay in technology which makes it
    silly to try and _only_ focus on one kind of research.

  17. biggydx says:

    Everyone hear about the Ion trapping Nobel Prize in Physics by now? Quantum
    Computers just became a possibility ^_^

  18. umbdude says:

    LOL I have NO clue what Blue Ray is!

  19. Mikael Shamsie says:

    I like Hermela, but she’s being silly here. Who is she to say where
    resources should be focused on, she has no experience in any scientific
    field. It’s a rather childish to say we should all just focus our time and
    effort on things like medicine and climate change or whatever.

  20. joecairo1 says:

    Hermela said “Like” 5 TIMES in the first 30 seconds of this video. I think
    she is an intelligent and beautiful woman but the trend really needs to
    end. I’ve lived outside of ths U.S. now for 6 years and I’m constantly
    asked “why do americans say like so much” and I respond with “I really
    don’t know but I think it’s ridiculous”. It used to be that only teenage
    valley girls used it because they lacked intelligence and thought it was
    cool and now… even 30yr old men are doing it. REALLY?! Anyone?!

  21. slwfreez says:

    Medical advancements are made everyday .. but that is boring. I will take a
    video game or movie or something entertaining over the other bs any day

  22. Mikael Shamsie says:

    No. I thought it was silly that she was saying where we should and should
    not focus our resources, without having any knowledge of the fields she
    wants resources to be taken away from or focused in. That was about it.

  23. john nguyen says:

    Why is 1 smart person on this topic?

  24. chuck findlay says:

    i agree with the in black white stripped shirt made a valid point too much
    technology being pushed into entertainment instead developing tech to
    improve health and other aspects of living.

  25. Plutonia001 says:

    You mean “evil communists” don’t you? 😀

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