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What made you move to Phoenix and are you happy?

by tom44 on April 27, 2013

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Question by feline*love: What made you move to Phoenix and are you happy?
What ideas did you have of Phoenix prior to your move and what is your idea of it today after moving there?

Best answer:

Answer by az_starshine1
I am a native, so I can’t answer the first part of your question, but there are TONS of “transplants” here from other places. Phoenix is really unique in the fact that probably 85% of the population came from somewhere else (i.e., California, Texas, New York, Illinois, Ohio, etc). A lot of people move here because it is 300+ days a year of sunshine, warm weather, and dry conditions (good for people with asthma).

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5 thoughts on “What made you move to Phoenix and are you happy?

  1. cokezero100 says:

    I lived in Tucson and it is far worse place to live than Phoenix because it has low wages,potholes everywhere,no real jobs,not even street lighting. Plus the culture is always 20 years behind everyone else.Phoenix at least is more of a normal modern american city.

  2. aerili says:

    I moved here to go to college and then I was going to leave, but now it has been 11 years and I am still here. (Yes, for the third time in 4 years, I think I am going to try to get a job in another state and hopefully move finally.) I already knew what it was like here in the summer since I had been regularly passing through for years. It is pretty much as bad as I thought before, although now I understand how people actually live and tolerate life around here in the summer (you do acclimate and the body learns to function in heat better).

    Unfortunately, many other things have changed since I moved here….I thought Phoenix was a Pretty Big City before I moved but now I just think it’s a Ridiculously Overpopulated, Unbearable, Poorly Planned City (esp. in terms of resource conservation like water and other ecologic destruction with unchecked surburban sprawl [they like to pretend they “regulate” it around here]). Pollution has grown much worse. Weather seems to be changing too, and it’s hard to say if it’s climate change on a global scale or if simply Phoenix has become such a massive heat island that it is changing its own weather patterns. (I vote partially for the latter.)

    It’s not all bad to live here, but for a city of 3 million, it lacks a lot of the redeeming qualities you find in other large cities and the drawback that go with them.

    As for the answerer who posted this city is “great for people with asthma,” maybe she should try getting a little education in that disease: Phoenix is one of the WORST cities in which to live if you have asthma. A combination of high pollutants, dry, hot air, tons of dust (wind and constant construction) and allergy-causing particles make it Asthma Hell. (I would know, my asthma went from mild and seasonal to a year-round, intense, everyday problem requiring daily steroid use and my pulmonologist indicated Phoenix is a problem city for asthmatics).

  3. DaveNTempe says:

    A job transfer brought me here over 20 years ago (1986). I stayed because of the more favorable weather, outside activities and ease in flying to other places. Sure the weather is darned hot from June until early Sept, but it’s still tons better than that awful humidity elsewhere. The down side is now our ugly traffic at rush hour, increased housing costs (home ownership) and higher crime due to the Phoenix (Valley) now having over 3.5 million residents! You can still get out of the Summer heat with an easy drive to Prescott, Payson or Flagstaff on weekends or a quick one hour flight to a cooler San Diego.

  4. iluvvball213 says:

    Well the weather was a huge contribution of why we moved. We went from NY to AZ. Big change. We thought it would be pretty low key and a little deserted. That was 9 years ago. Now it is growing and buildning tremedously. It is still a great place to live. There are many jobs and many oppurtunities here. Lots of luck.

  5. sparkle says:

    My husband and I just moved from NY to AZ a couple of months ago for new jobs. So far, we like it alot. I had envisioned AZ being desert with no trees or vegetation and I was plesently surprised at how wrong I was! It isnt as green as NY of course, but it isnt as deserty as I thougth it would be either. So far, we have met some nice people and have found plenty of fun stuff to do. And we are of course loving the sunshine! I would highly recommend the move.

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