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What kinds of jobs are available in Human Resources?

by tom44 on June 16, 2013

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Question by A E: What kinds of jobs are available in Human Resources?
What kinds of jobs are available for those with a Masters in Human Resources? Also what kind of wage can be associated with the positions? Is there a better region of the country to look in for a well paying Human Resources position?

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Answer by Mandy11
Depends on how much HR experience you have? If you’ve been working in HR as a coordinator or assistant and now have your Masters, then you can try to find a job as a junior generalist or recruiter, or something along those lines.

Large companies typically always have a HR department in their corporate offices, so I’ve found the higher-paying HR salaries are typically in large cities. And the actual pay really varies, depending on the title. A good website to check out is the Occupational Outlook. They have median salary ranges for all levels of HR.

Another factor is what your HR degree focused on – was it benefits administration, recruiting, or something else? If you took accounting classes as well, you are pretty set for a benefits/payroll administrator position.

I would say it depends more on just your degree – a lot of companies want to see your work experience too (which I’m sure you’ve noticed). The combination of good HR work experience + degree in HR is what will equal a good, high salaried job.

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One thought on “What kinds of jobs are available in Human Resources?

  1. says:

    Most HR jobs (that are non-management) are either Generalist e.g. HR Representative or Specialist e.g. Compensation Analyst in nature. Then there are the HR Administrative positions e.g. HR Assistant.

    Experience is the key player with getting a good/good paying HR job with your Masters. I have a Masters in Labor & HR and it did not count for much until I started to gain expereince. Sad but true. If you are still in school, you have a better chance being hired into pretty good HR jobs when companies come to recruit on campus.

    As for salary ranges, I’ve seen anywhere from 40’s to 60’s for someone fresh out of graduate school. Industry has a lot to play too in the picture too. Manufacturing I’ve seen generally pays more than the healthcare, retail & education industries just to name a few.

    Geography does play a role in salary ranges, but consider cost of living in certain areas e.g. an $ 80,000 job in NY vs. an $ 80,000 job in Houston, TX. Big difference there because Houston has a lower cost of living. In some cases though, to gain the experience you may have to take a lower paying job to get your foot in the door and learn the field in a practical sense, then move up or out to another company. The money will come with experience and having your Masters under your belt is always a plus. Check out for HR jobs.

    Consider too eventually getting your PHR certification. Believe it or not when I got certified more companies paid an interest in me than when I just had my Masters, great HR internships, and excellent GPA on there. A few of my friends also have the same report. Hope that helps!


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