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What kind of volunteer work should pre-med undergraduates be seeking?

by tom44 on May 24, 2013

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Question by Xie Xie Niii: What kind of volunteer work should pre-med undergraduates be seeking?
New York Presbyterian Hospital has volunteer opportunities for things like clerical work, babysitting, tutoring, and other very general positions. This doesn’t seem like the kind of volunteer work med schools will be looking for. What kinds of volunteer work are pre-med students supposed to be doing, and how do I find these positions?

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Answer by Luke W
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3 thoughts on “What kind of volunteer work should pre-med undergraduates be seeking?

  1. pgutierrez84 says:

    Any volunteer opportunities are good, no matter what they are, especially of they are offered by a hospital. Medical school want to see people who care about their community in general, good grades, extracurricular activities, school clubs, being well rounded. If you can get a part time job in a medical office or hospital that would be great too. You can find sepcific information for the schools you are interested in at

  2. chuckles951 says:

    When my daughter was in her senior year she went to a community college and got her EMT certificate and national license. The 200 hours of internship on an ambulance crew is one of the best volunteer gigs you can do. And then after you get into med school, you can work on an ambulance crew to make extra money. And you can study between runs.

    The EMT training was 2 evenings a week for her final semester.

    Then she volunteered as an intern at University of Pittsburgh Medical Center as an administrator. She ended up working everything to finance to ER triage.

  3. Anna A says:

    Pre Med students can work as assistant dietitian, massage therapist or Personal fitness trainer in any rehabilitation centre. You can get training and entry level degrees that will help you to work as volunteer. For your reference here I am forwarding you the website link that will give you information about these fields and degrees available.

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