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What kind of public transportation is available in Seattle and Washington State?

by tom44 on September 19, 2013

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Question by AmiLily S: What kind of public transportation is available in Seattle and Washington State?
My best friend and I were curious about moving to Seattle/Washington State. We were wondering about the different types of public transportation that is accessible for the public. We are from New York so usually use subways, occasionally taxis and walk to our headed destination. Can anyone tell me if there are subways or any of those types of transportation in Seattle or in Washington State? thanks

Best answer:

Answer by Tori
The Seattle Metropolitan area has historically relied totally on buses for public transportation for the past 60+ years. Buses within a limited “downtown” core are free on weekdays until 7pm making it easy to hop on a bus to quickly travel a few blocks if you don’t want to walk. Instead of a subway, there is a bus/light rail tunnel running under the main core of the city.

A light rail (Central Light Rail) system extending from the airport to downtown was completed in December 2009. Expansion to the system is currently under construction. There is also some use of existing train tracks by commuter trains from the north and south (Sounder Trains). It is a little bit of a patchwork system, but it works fairly well, especially now that there is one pass called an Orca Pass that can be used on all of the different systems in the area.

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2 thoughts on “What kind of public transportation is available in Seattle and Washington State?

  1. 206 BALLER says:

    Buses, light rail train, taxi, water taxi, horse/buggy

  2. Christina T says:

    There is a Light Rail from Seatac Airport to Downtown Seattles – Westlake Mall. The Light Rail is crappy and un-reliable at times. I take it too work 5 days a week and it breaks down at least once a month. Last week we where stuck going 5 MPH, because some idiot decided to outdrive the train and hit it. We had to go slow in hopes it would clear up.

    Also the Light Rail costs $ 2.50 per way, plus if you plan on transfering on a Metro bus that’s is an addition $ 2 or $ 2.25. They offer Orca passes for $ 81 and it covers $ 2.25 any where (Light Rail, Ferry, Metro). You can buy higher amounts as well. Pass is good for one month.

    Metro buses can be crazy at times, weird people. Stay clear of the 124/174/7/49, those buses always have some nut job. I was on the 124 and some lady took a poop on the seat (wearing a skirt no panties) and smeared it. Another time some couple was fighting, turned into a fist fight. On the 7 people like to rob others for the money. The 49 is full of weirdos, crazies, skitzos, ect. The 174 is the same as the 124. I have true stories for years.

    However, the metro is okay for short distance, thought it got to the point where I would rather use the car. I use to love the bus, not no more.

    STAY AWAY FROM YELLOW CAB – I had my daughter whom was 4 months at the time and we waited 4 hours for them. Ended up calling Orange Cab and they where there in minutes.

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