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What kind of jobs in other countries could one get with an MA from a US university?

by tom44 on September 8, 2012

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Question by Kristi D: What kind of jobs in other countries could one get with an MA from a US university?
I’m going for an MA in Spanish literature, and I’ll be teaching university classes. But once I finish, I think I want to live somewhere else for a while, and would most likely pick Latin America or Spain. What kind of jobs could I get? Obviously teaching would be most logical, but do foreign institutions look highly upon US degrees? I would hope that with fluency in Spanish and native English, and functional French, that some type of school would hire me, but I’m not sure if they consider US degrees as valid in their countries. Anyone know where to look, or have any experience with this?

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Answer by pvreditor
Degrees from respectable US colleges are highly sought after around the world, including Europe and Latin America. You should check before you leave but teaching sounds like a natural. It seems to me that many schools in Latin America (in particular) would be very pleased to have a well-educated American on the faculty.

If your Spanish language skills are strong, you might look for a job at a US company that has offices in Latin America or Spain, such as a bank or computer company (think Microsoft or Apple). You might also be a candidate for the US Foreign Service.

Good luck!

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