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What kind of jobs can I get with a Phd in Healthcare Administration?

by tom44 on May 30, 2013

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by MPR529

Question by It’s about the Spirit: What kind of jobs can I get with a Phd in Healthcare Administration?
I am considering a Phd degree in Healthcare Administration but I do not know what types of jobs this will bring me. Currently I work in the pharmaceutical industry and do not have any intentions of managing a hosptial. I do enjoy research work but also have no interest in teaching. Any feedback?

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Answer by jannsody
A doctorate degree may enable you to get a job in research though I just wanted to caution you Not to attend any of those ‘online colleges’ such as University of Phoenix, Strayer University, Devry U or Kaplan U as most employers don’t see them as reputable schools. Jobs in research may be difficult to find and the person may at least need a master’s degree, but please don’t quote me on that 😉

Here is a website that provides general info about various careers: US Occupational Outlook Handbook and can type into search ‘healthcare administrator’ or such. Good luck in your endeavors!

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2 thoughts on “What kind of jobs can I get with a Phd in Healthcare Administration?

  1. bar k says:

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  2. monie2500 says:

    yeah just don’t do it.

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