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What kind of job will set you up for being an English teacher?

by tom44 on January 14, 2014

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Question by Ashley Knight: What kind of job will set you up for being an English teacher?
I’m majoring in education to become an english teacher. I was wondering what kind of job will set me up for it. I was contemplating tutoring, but not many people are wanting to spend money in this kind of economy. Is there any other job that anyone else can think of?

Best answer:

Answer by BeanBelly
As an English teacher who’s also on the hiring committee for my department, I think there are lots of jobs/volunteer opportunities that will support your future career: tutor, coach for a sports team, camp counselor, child care worker, library worker, literacy volunteer (like Literacy Volunteers of America), substitute teacher, classroom aid, anything in psychology/counseling, anything in sociology or adolescent development…

Some principals will be impressed by these kinds of jobs, which certainly relate to teacher-skills, while others won’t care about anything except official public school teaching experience.

In addition to amping up your CV with side jobs, be sure you meet all the requirements for your state before applying for a job. We get several applicants each year who’ve messed up somehow in all the red tape and bureaucratic stuff. For example, in New York, teachers must have a BA in their subject area, a MA in education and/or their subject area, and state certification. You should consider majoring in English Education if possible, or double majoring in English and Education… I don’t think my department would hire someone to teach English who didn’t major in that subject.

Good luck!!! 🙂

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