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What jobs use college algebra and what concepts of college algebra do they use?

by tom44 on July 13, 2013

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Question by : What jobs use college algebra and what concepts of college algebra do they use?
I have to write a paper for my college algebra class on jobs that use college algebra and the concepts that the jobs use. I’ve researched and found jobs, just not the concepts. Someone please help me out!

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Answer by Pisces ? Math
All engineering jobs use college algebra either directly or indirectly. If the engineers don’t use the algebra in their designs, maintenance or repairs, they will use meters or computers and programs that do. Engineers need to use vectors, scalar products, vector products and linear equations. In stress analysis, the stress/strain relation for any metal is important. To describe that relation, engineers have to form algebraic equations.

Astronomers use college algebra to interpret data they collect about how much light different objects in the sky are emitting, what type of light, and so on. Biologists and geneticists use it to calculate mathematical predictions of intercellular features, cellular interaction, body reaction to chemicals and analysis of heritage. Almost everything in chemistry involves college algebra and dimensional analysis, in formulas, conversions, testing, solving problems, creating new products.

College algebra and analytical geometry are used for analyzing complex geometrical shapes and designs, so architects also use college algebra applications to design or repair buildings, homes and bridges. Construction work uses college algebra to plan the designs of roads, bridges, vehicles, tools, aircraft and machinery.

Have you tried asking in the “Careers” section of Yahoo Answers? A lot of persons who work in fields other than math and engineering could give you their personal input in more detail.

Mathematical statistics uses the probability theory as well as other branches of mathematics such as linear algebra and analysis. It is used for actuarial science as well. Algebra principles can be used in cooking, where you need to change the numbers depending on how many batches you would need to make, or how to convert measurements and cooking times.

It’s also used in accounting, figuring interest, or calculating how much money you need to save to reach a future goal. Persons who work in investing use algebra formulas to calculate basic percentage averages for certain types of commodities on any particular given day.

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One thought on “What jobs use college algebra and what concepts of college algebra do they use?

  1. Pisces Apple Lady says:

    Great answer. Also in business college algebra principles will be used to calculate prices, break even points, and advertising budgets versus costs and expenses. Another is to calculate the advertisement to editorial ratio of a newspaper or website.

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