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What jobs pay a lot in houston tx? tipped jobs included?

by tom44 on April 23, 2014

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Question by zet: What jobs pay a lot in houston tx? tipped jobs included?
im into aviation, and im planning to go to aerosim in texas to get my 4 year college degree for aviation. I need a lot of money since i would have to pay for housing, basic needs, and the college course, which is not cheap. i was thinkking of being a bellhop, waiter, or pizza man, because they could make a lot in tips, but i need someoneĀ“s opinion. Please help

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Answer by postal p

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2 thoughts on “What jobs pay a lot in houston tx? tipped jobs included?

  1. mini logo says:

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  2. Rob says:

    suggest u get jobs locally where u at.
    SAve up thousands and be able to pay
    for school and living costs in houston.

    u would do better to get your ‘degree’ locally.

    a rental at low end will be 400$ plus
    electrics (75-100$ )month 6 month
    minimum. u wil need 1st month plus
    security deposits. have good car insurance.

    as for work, waiters earn ok income if they work
    long enough and in the right places.
    pizza delivery can bring in extra 1000$
    after expenses b4 taxes.
    don’t bet on bellhop.

    do your home work or u’ll end up in debt
    without ‘degree’.

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