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What jobs in the army do you have to have a security clearance?

by tom44 on September 6, 2013

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Question by dannyb12345: What jobs in the army do you have to have a security clearance?
I know jobs in intelligence do, but what about MP’s and nurses? Any any other jobs that you know of.

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Answer by JOHN H
mp a good job

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5 thoughts on “What jobs in the army do you have to have a security clearance?

  1. They shoot Moose, don't they says:

    Military Intel.

  2. usamedic420 says:

    All jobs except cooks are at least confidental

  3. Digital One Photography says:

    yesss…M.P’s also get security clearance. Most medical jobs do not.
    Everything has changed since Sept 11th. They now also run a check with Immigration (Homeland Security) to see if you are really a US Citizen. Many gangs are also trying to get their gang members in the military so that they can get advanced combat traing. So there are also some criminal background checks being done on practically everyone. A Security clearance requires a MUCH greater amount of investigation. They will check with neighbors, school teachers, principals, local police, etc…They actually send someone out to interview these people about you.

  4. armywifesarah says:

    Field Artillery and almost everything else. They actually do send people out to interview the people who know you. I’ve had a couple show up at my door regarding my neighbors. You kinda know when it’s securtiy checks versus something else.

  5. Ray says:

    Condensed Answer: Military Intelligence, Military Police, Signal, and most Field Artillery.

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