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What jobs in Memphis hire a 14-15 year old?

by tom44 on August 2, 2012

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Question by HappyState™: What jobs in Memphis hire a 14-15 year old?
pleaseee help me! i really have to knw! =/ i want a job soo bad.

can anyone give me a listing of what jobs i might be able to get, and if i can get a worker’s permit from my school?
((Btw. does memphis give out worker’s permits to 14-15 year olds?))

thankyou 4 answering if you do, nd ‘member! i WILL choose u best answer if your answer is well-informing and helpful!

buh-byee =]

Best answer:

Answer by oracle2world
Because of child labor laws, almost nothing.

You can deliver newspapers, and your parents can work you to death … that is about it for the legal jobs.

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One thought on “What jobs in Memphis hire a 14-15 year old?

  1. ztim says:

    Maybe take a babysitting course and do that until you are 16. Then you can get a job at your local “Do you want fries with that?” How about yard work? Offer to run errands for the elderly for tips. Use your imagination. Keep checking your newspapers.

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