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What jobs in memphis are available fro 14 year olds?

by tom44 on August 7, 2012

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Question by umakemesick45: What jobs in memphis are available fro 14 year olds?

Best answer:

Answer by semisnugzz
mowing lawns

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7 thoughts on “What jobs in memphis are available fro 14 year olds?

  1. MCSE says:

    lemonade stand, selling cookies

  2. Pops says:

    Very little. Federal law prohibits 14 year olds from working in a capacity other than things like the family farm. In general, people under the age of 18 are not permitted to work somewhere where there is dangerous equipment or moving vehicles.

  3. mrandersen says:

    Paper Boy

  4. k11e5n14n14y25 says:

    none grow up nad wait will u are 16

  5. jedimaster_46545 says:

    paper route, mowing lawns, yard work.

    See federal law prohibits hiring anyone under the age of 16, unless you want to go work on a farm.

  6. cooks delight says:

    go to the unemployment office and see what they have to offer you
    check at your school and see if any one needs a babysitter, some one to mow the lawn
    a dog walker
    or if you want deliver the newspaper to the houses get a paper route
    thank you

  7. Coffee Brown says:

    your too young…

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