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What jobs have been made obsolete by technology and computerization?

by tom44 on March 18, 2013

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Question by SailorElla: What jobs have been made obsolete by technology and computerization?
What jobs have disappeared since the 1880-1960s.

Best answer:

Answer by Adam L
typewriter manufacture
a lot of seamstress type jobs are now done by machine.

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2 thoughts on “What jobs have been made obsolete by technology and computerization?

  1. angela says:

    Gas Station Attendant (filled car with gas, cleaned windshield, checked tire pressure/oil, etc.)
    Milk Man (delivered milk)
    Keypunch Operator (entered data onto punched data cards)
    Telephone Switchboard Operator (a live person – usually a woman – would connect your call)
    Directory Assistance (another live person – usually a woman – who would look up phone numbers for you)

  2. cypress91722 says:

    Elevator operator. Before people were too dumb to push the right button, now the buttons are numbered.

    News paper workers. Now people can just get their biased misinformation from online instead of in paper form.

    Telephone operator. Back in the days, people would tell the operator who they wanted to connect to, now all you have to do is push the buttons on the phone to hear someone say “you have the wrong number idiot, learn to use your god dam phone”.

    Serial Rapist. Back in the days people would just rape any women that gave them a hard one without getting caught becuase it was never reported due to shame and lack of evidence and attitudes toward women, that all change when DNA testing came about. Now the rapist would have to use a condom to conceal their crimes or claim it was consensual sex.

    Radio rockstar. Back then, all you needed was a pretty voice and a good song for you to hear it on the radio, it didn’t matter if you look like elephant man, as long as you can sing, you had a gig. Now days with TV and internet, its all about the face and not the voice, ie. Justin Beiber, Hanna Montana.

    Horses. Back then horses were the main method of transportation for most folks in the U.S. With the advert of the automobile, horses were reduce to preforming in gay cowboy rodeo shows and porno themes.

    Movie Critics. Back day you had one or two guy telling you to watch or not watch a terrible cliche overly hyped movie, now you can just go to IMDB and just read a bunch of reviews created by the company who made the movie to watch their garbage.

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