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What jobs do i qualify for with a Bachelors degree in Sociology?

by tom44 on May 10, 2013

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Question by Me likes U: What jobs do i qualify for with a Bachelors degree in Sociology?
I graduated from the university of Chicago 2 years ago, since than I’ve been working at a walmart for 9 bucks an hour. I wanted to be around family but the town that I live in which is in(In GA) is so small and there are no jobs here. So I am moving to CHICAGO. What kind of jobs should I apply for?

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Answer by Jordyn
If you posess a degree – or any alternative qualification – then you’ll already be ahead of the crowd when it comes to searching for vocations. My pal has a degree and he wasn’t sure what direction to go with it, but he stumbled upon some excellent guidance on the site in the resource box below which aided him to decide that he wanted to be a lab assistant. There is plenty of guidance on the site regarding alternative vocations.

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One thought on “What jobs do i qualify for with a Bachelors degree in Sociology?

  1. says:

    As a graduate from the University of Chicago, an excellent place to view and apply to jobs would your school’s career site. Many Managers and Alumni seeking to hire U of C grads, post their jobs on your school’s career site. You may be very surprised at the number and variety of jobs on your schools career site!!

    Visit your school’s website, log into the career site and post your resume, so managers searching for candidates can find your resume. Also do you belong to your school’s alumni association? Many alumni associations have their own job posting websites.

    There are an increasing number of companies that hiring via the colleges only, so take advantage of the direct access to managers interested in graduates to your school. If you have questions about using your school’s career website call or email the career center, they can help you.

    Also check out Linked-In, may find jobs and contacts there.

    Continued good wishes and remember your college career center personnel are happy to help long after you graduate.

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