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What jobs do i qualify for with a Bachelors degree in Sociology?

by tom44 on April 16, 2013

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Question by Me likes U: What jobs do i qualify for with a Bachelors degree in Sociology?
I graduated from the university of Chicago 2 years ago, since than I’ve been working at a walmart for 9 bucks an hour. I wanted to be around family but the town that I live in which is in(In GA) is so small and there are no jobs here. So I am moving to CHICAGO. What kind of jobs should I apply for?

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Answer by jamesbergen50
You should be able to move right up to team leader on a Assembly line. If you can find a open factory. And can develop practical job skills.

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2 thoughts on “What jobs do i qualify for with a Bachelors degree in Sociology?

  1. missy79 says:

    The job market in Chicago is tough just like everywhere else. Tons of people have been laid off and few places are interested in hiring someone that they will have to train instead of hiring someone who will immediately bring value to their office. That said, I also graduated from the UofC and found this temp agency to be very respectful and helpful when I was out of work a few years ago:

    I also recommend signing up with the University of Chicago’s temp pool:

    There are a lot of positions that are temp-to-hire, and once you get a full-time position with the University, it’s very easy to move around from position to position until you find something that you really like.

  2. Justin K says:

    With a degree in Sociology? How do you like retail? Hospitality? Maybe a civil service job that requires a college degree but no practical experience. Otherwise go back to grad school and get a useful degree or training.

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