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What jobs can i get??

by tom44 on April 12, 2014

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Question by Mr. Gumbo: What jobs can i get??
Ok i am 23 and my I.Q is 137 or 138. I have my law dgree to be a lawyer. I have my bachelors and masters. I also have 3 ph.ds. I worked at Area 42 which is a military base in Texas, i live in new york btw. I graduated from Harvard Law and then i went back to go to Harvard medical to get my doctorate. So what job can i get. I dont need money i have a little bit over a million in my bank. But i just need a job because im currently unemployed. Thanks if you guys can help.

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Answer by michr
move to Hollywood and get a job as a creative writer,


move to Washington, DC and become a speech writer (their facts are never checked ) sorry President Bush is no longer in office so that won’t work…..stick with Hollywood.

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One thought on “What jobs can i get??

  1. Ray says:

    A politician!!
    They are all liars!

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