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What jobs can a civilian get in the military?

by tom44 on September 6, 2013

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Question by lightz_up: What jobs can a civilian get in the military?
Preferably technical jobs.

Also, what are the salaries like?

Best answer:

Answer by ANGEL Baby
There are job postings at each base for a variety of positions and salary is usually lower than in the civilian community.

Try doing a search for a base near you. Once you have their web site, search for job postings.

They post the salaries and requirements.

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2 thoughts on “What jobs can a civilian get in the military?

  1. tardis_mom says:

    Look on, which is the federal government’s official job site. You can do a search by federal agency or department, so you can see what jobs are available in the “Department of the Army” or “Department of the Navy”, etc. They also list the salary ranges for most of those jobs. Most of these jobs are civilian jobs, but if they do require membership in the reserves that is listed as well.

  2. atg28 says:

    I was a biochemical researcher at Walter Reed – I was a GS-9 step 5 with a bachleor of science in biochemistry.

    In the DC area, I was doing okay to survive, but couldn’t grow there.

    There was little room for growth unlike a normal job.

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