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What jobs are hiring now?

by tom44 on April 2, 2014

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Question by Maria: What jobs are hiring now?
I need a job asap in the philadelphia pa area

Best answer:

Answer by FaithE
If you go to and type in Philadelphia, PA, you will learn that there are over a thousand jobs currently open and being advertised. There are more that are being advertised on other sites, including and federal jobs, 87 of them, on USA Jobs.

You haven’t mentioned your education, training, or experience. If you have none, and you have no marketable skills, you frankly need to get some before beginning a job search. There is a real dearth of jobs for unskilled workers in this country. The ones that exist are not advertised, because people go to the businesses and apply for them. You will have to do that as well if you have no skills.

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