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What job is considered a federal government job?

by tom44 on April 9, 2013

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Question by jfsdkhfjsdhfgs: What job is considered a federal government job?
I’m thinking of becoming a CNA and while I was looking at all the details I seen that a CNA could make up to $ 17 a hour workin for a federal government job. So would that be military? Prisons? Health departments?

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Answer by Tony F
More likely VA hospitals. Military hospitals tend to use military personnel and health departments are administrative enforcement, not caregivers.

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2 thoughts on “What job is considered a federal government job?

  1. FaithE says:

    Go to, type “cna” into the search field and hit enter. There are three CNA jobs open to all US citizens right now, two in Albany, New York and one in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

    What you will find, however, is that unless you are a veteran, you have a very low chance of even being refered to the selecting official, much less being hired. Federal agencies are under mandate to hire veterans over non-veterans.

    So look into joining the military. It’s harder to get in than you might think, but the benefits, some tangible and some intangible, last a lifetime.

    Here’s a link to the medical & emergency specialties in the army. The air force and navy have similar lists.

  2. Wal says:

    the cost of school is guaranteed :).. the future benefits are truly less likely:/ for example look at the Suny Downstate hospital. chances are if you got your information from a website of a for-profit school that teaches that stuff then well, now you know why.

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