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What job choices does an educational assistant have?

by tom44 on November 29, 2012

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Question by Kay: What job choices does an educational assistant have?
I have just completed my Educational Assistant Diploma and was wondering what my job options were.
I know I can work for the school board as an EA. I was just wondering if there were any other good choices? I believe I would have to go back to school and take ECE if I want to work with children in Kindergarten. Found out after the fact…otherwise I would have taken ECE.
Thank you for any input

Best answer:

Answer by Mike S
If you’re willing to relocate, you probably have better opportunities in states where growth for these positions is robust: Texas and Tennessee come to mind. You can find out all the details at the United States Bureau of Labor and Statistics. Find your position on their website, and you can find out salary information and prospects for employment. Enjoy!

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