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What job can I do dealing with Children?

by tom44 on January 23, 2014

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Question by Paula: What job can I do dealing with Children?
I am 15. I live in dallas. I was wondering what job i could do dealing with children. I babysit but no one ever seems to notice is there a way where i could advertise my babysitting service but in a safe way. I also want a full time job dealing with children during the summer. Any ideas?

Best answer:

Answer by ksh_91
you can work at someone’s daycare.yes you can make business card thingy’s and pass them out at your church or to your teachers at your school(those are safe environments)

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2 thoughts on “What job can I do dealing with Children?

  1. doug says:

    Try looking for an after school day care. In the summer you can work at a camp, lifeguard, or teach water safety. There are a lot of jobs just keep searching.

  2. Ed Atun says:

    Put up signs saying that you will teach children to swim during the summer. Guaranteed results. $ 50 per child to get them to swim across the deep end. Charge more if they want more.
    Teach bicycle safety classes to kids. Put up cones and teach them to avoid danger, how to stop quickly, how to watch for traffic. $ 5 per lesson..

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