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What is the salary for medical assistance?

by tom44 on November 2, 2013

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Question by marisol: What is the salary for medical assistance?
I would like to find out the salary and the opportunities for getting a job in this area. Thanks

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Answer by tokidokibooboo
Go to and type in your location, job title, and level. It will give you information on the median low and high salary ranges for that position including typical job duties. And it’s FREE!!! Good luck!

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2 thoughts on “What is the salary for medical assistance?

  1. PuttPutt says:

    Go to your web search and type in “Occupational Outlook Handbook”. This will take you to a government site that will give you all sorts of information. You can then go to your state government website for specific information about the occupation.

  2. La La says:

    In San Diego, CA MA’s get about $ 8-$ 14 per hour. But finding a job is HARD! If you are thinking of going to school, become a CNA (certified nurses aid) MA’s are not used very much. Take a look at the classified adds. There a very few jobs. I work at a skilled nursing and 10 of our CNA are also MA’s that could not find jobs.

    Good luck!

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