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What is the pay for a Monitor tech/unit secretary in the hospital in Atlanta Georgia?

by tom44 on August 20, 2013

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Question by Sandra P: What is the pay for a Monitor tech/unit secretary in the hospital in Atlanta Georgia?
I plan to move to Atlanta Georgia from Los angeles Califronia next year and was wondering what was the job pay for a Monitor tech/unit secretary in Atlanta at any major hosptals in the Atlanta metro area . I know that I will have to take a pay cut , but I need to know how much of a pay cut. sense I will be purchasing a home out there before I Move out there. I need to know what my budget will be.

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Answer by Lanie
Shockingly LOW! even with evening and night differential pay which you will be working as new employee. Full time employees begin to accumulate benefits starting day 91 past an initial review of first three months work performance.
Be prepared to be paid HALF , yes half, of your current hourly rate.
You, RNs in CA are best paid in nation! Sure you want to move?
Good rule of thumb is mandatory minimum wage, add 20%-28%.
Are you aware Georgia is now a RED state? If you seek moderate to liberal friends/diversity, move
to NE Atlanta/Decatur, Dekalb county.
Piedmont-Promina Hospital System in Metro-Atlanta has reputation for best pay, bonus based on performance, low turnover rate, high standards for employees.
If you prefer 9-5 Mon-Fri, your people skills may give you opportunities in physicians/dentists offices. They routinely pay a little less but are more employee friendly, less stress, no working National Holidays. If interested, chose a large office with an office manager in place (not physicians spouse), better benes & pay with sucessful, busy group practice.
The trade-off in GA is you will be able to own a home, pay property tax, and afford both.
Good Luck to you in your move and with a new employer.
PS Try renting for 6-12 months before home purchase. You will have many adjustments to make. With longest commute time in nation, you want to LOVE your new employer and neighborhood before buying.Trying to sell a home in this market is tough, up to 18 months even if house in perfect condition in a good school area/neighborhood.
Atlanta, Savannah are cool cities to live and work in medical field and in general quality life-style!

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