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What is the legal age to purchase a handgun in Maryland?

by tom44 on August 13, 2013

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Question by brian car luvr: What is the legal age to purchase a handgun in Maryland?
I know you have to be 21 to purchase handgun ammo. But in places ive read upon Maryland laws it says you just need to register the gun, and you have to be 21 to buy from someone else. If i were to walk into walmart right now how old would i have to be to purchase a handgun (givin i fit the critera).
wait so is their any possible way to legally own a handgun at 18?

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2 thoughts on “What is the legal age to purchase a handgun in Maryland?

  1. sensible_man says:

    21. This is true in all States. You also have to serve the waiting period unless you are licensed.

  2. glistam3 says:

    It’s 21 period, regardless of how you obtain it (by sale or gift). No you do not need to register handguns in Maryland in the way you might be thinking, you just have to pass the criteria and background check to buy in the first place. The purchase creates a permanent record of sale with your name as the owner. And when a handgun is sold or given as a gift between two people, it has to be done through the state police or a licensed gun dealer (pretty much any local gun shop), who will transfer the record of ownership.

    EDIT: Shoot yes, own no. You can own a rifle or shotgun at 18 though, and they are considerably easier to buy. A handgun is designed to be a concealable firearm, and Maryland has no permits for private citizens anyway so there is an argument that there isn’t much point in bothering with a handgun until Maryland changes its idiotic CCW laws. That is, unless your a criminal who intends to illegally carry the gun concealed anyway.

    EDIT2: It is actually illegal to even POSSESS a handgun when under 21 with several exceptions:
    1. You’re under a 21+ year old’s direct supervision and you have parent’s permission (yes, this is a situation where you need parent’s even when you are 18)
    2. You’re Military or National Guard.
    3. You’re required to for a job AND have a carry permit
    4. You’re doing a training drill with a qualified instructor.
    5. You are acting in self-defense while on private property where you live or are lawfully invited to be.

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