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what is the job market like for occupational therapist in san diego?

by tom44 on August 29, 2013

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Question by LaDdu: what is the job market like for occupational therapist in san diego?
im thinking about moving from michigan to san diego. what are some things that i can do to prepare to move to san diego? any body have any tips or advice from your own personal experience?
also what are some safe neighborhoods in san diego? and where in san diego is the best place to settle down?

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Answer by Driving Instructor (BRAKE!)
Hi! I did some checking and found the average salary for OT in San Diego is $ 63,000.00 That salary will allow you to live (condo.) in areas like Del Mar and Carmel Valley. There’s also Mira Mesa (VERY family oriented) Scripps Ranch and Poway. Single family homes would likely be a little pricey.
All the above communities are NORTH of Interstate 8 ~ a major boundary in San Diego.
Not sure what the job prospects are…SHARP hospital is just opening a brand new hospital where each patient has a private room. Rady Children’s Hospital (next door to SHARP) is an awesome place for kids needing hospitalization.
May be hiring there.
The closer to the ocean you locate, the more expensive the place ~ whether renting or purchasing. Also a slight weather difference during summer months.
For every mile you go inland from the water, the ambient temp. goes up by one degree. (Opposite is true during the winter months.)

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