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What is the elementary teacher job market like in the DC/Virginia/Maryland area in 2012?

by tom44 on March 28, 2013

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Question by blue1297: What is the elementary teacher job market like in the DC/Virginia/Maryland area in 2012?
My husband and I are moving to the DC area for a job opportunity my husband was just recently offered. We are moving from Southern California where the elementary teacher job market is highly competitive; with little opportunity to acquire a teaching position being a fully credentialed elementary teacher candidate. I would like to know if the elementary teacher job market is about the same, less or has more opportunity for new teacher candidates. Thank you! Any info is greatly appreciated.

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Answer by Lillybelle
The market is extremely tight. Hirings would already be 99% finished for the 2012-13 school year. Have you started the process of getting a state license for the state where you will relocate? You need different licenses for different states. That application process can be quite lengthy. You may need additional classes to get your teaching license in each state. Start now. You may be able to apply and secure a temporary license for work as a substitute while you work on your permanent certification in your new state. Go to the state Dept of Ed for each and get the first hand information.

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