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what is the difference bewteen the Merchant Mariner entry level jobs?

by tom44 on September 4, 2013

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Question by Scott: what is the difference bewteen the Merchant Mariner entry level jobs?
im trying to work on mechanical parts (engine) as an assistant since i have no license. but im unsure what to put on my MMC applicaton for the entry level jobs. Ordinary seaman(OS), Wiper, Stewarts dept,… which is the best fit for me? also do you know if time in the navy counts toward your sea time? thanks

Best answer:

Answer by Lloyd
Ordinary seaman is normally your starting deckhand job.. you’d be interested in Wiper. That’s engine room, from wiper you go to oiler then to engineer. It’s a bit more complicated when you get above oiler, and theres even steps in that now a days, but you would start as a wiper if that’s the direction your going.

Sometimes your navy time counts, sometimes not. It’s going to depend on your job in the navy and on the coast guard base doing the liscening. I’ve seen it many times end up being based on the officer doing the testing and the office it’s done it. Charleston South Carolina and Baltimore MD for example, Baltimore is traditionally more lenient with allowing for Commercial fishing time to count for sea time, and for smaller vessels. Basically it’s going to come down to you calling the base and office and asking.

Hope it helps.

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2 thoughts on “what is the difference bewteen the Merchant Mariner entry level jobs?

  1. mdcapt2 says:

    Couldn’t have answered it better myself Lloyd. (15 yr. Merchant Marine)

  2. Capt. John says:

    Without any certification, the position of “ordinary seaman” would be your entry level positon. From there, you would advance to an “Able seaman” position, and then to Boatswain.
    Some of your Navy time at sea “could” count toward sea time, “if ” it was was in the performance of duty as that which would be considered equal to a “licensed” Merchant marine position – which the duties of an OS & AS are not.
    If you did not receive an offer and opportunity to transition your sea time with the Navy at the time of your discharge, then chances are your sea time does not qualify for a licensed Merchant marine certification.

    Good Luck,

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