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What is the difference between a Nanny and a baby sitter?

by tom44 on September 7, 2012

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Question by Sleep Thin: What is the difference between a Nanny and a baby sitter?
Most of my wife’s adult life she worked as a nanny starting in the Philippines and going to Japan and then moving to the USA and working in Washington DC working for a wealthy family and finally the last job she worked as a nanny to a lady professor in the University of Michigan Hospital…the lady was teaching dermatology.

My wife has had about 25 new born babies that she cared for during her work years as a nanny
They were always new born and after they got to be about ready for school they did not need my wife as her specialty was just the new born babies
My wife often took trips with her employers taking care of the baby’s and going to exotic places like Guam. In the USA she often would go to Palm Beach, Florida or Santa Fe, New Mexico etc etc where here salary at that time went from $ 350.00 a week to $ 1,000 a week when she had to watch the children on the trip 24/7..she always had her own room in the suite rooms and she was given extra money by the employers for some shopping expenses she incurred

My question is a Nanny is far different from a regular BABY SITTER who is paid to watch the children only for so many hours….There is far more responsibility and of course pay for a professional nanny who has studied in the hospital and knows CPR and other medical procedures as my wife did the duties of a CNA nurse before she got the first job as a nanny..she was working in the pediatric ward when she was hired on the recommendation of the hospital personal.

Sorry to vent..but one of her friend told my wife she never was a mother and she was only a baby sitter..and had no real responsibility for raising children
The real job of a professional nanny goes far beyond a baby sitter..they also often spend 24/7 with the new Born’s and children who are pre school age
Please let me know what your thoughts are of the nanny verse the baby sitter classification
Thank you for any input negative or positive

Best answer:

Answer by K
There is a HUGE difference between a nanny and a babysitter. A nanny has way more responsibility. A babysitter is just there be around when the children are alone. A nanny has been trained and qualified in many aspects of childcare. They are there to support the mother and help the children with attachment and development in many areas. Mostly P.I.L.E.S (Physical, intellectual, language and emotional).

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One thought on “What is the difference between a Nanny and a baby sitter?

  1. Sarah says:

    There is a big difference.
    A baby sitter watches the kids while the parents r out to eat or party or wherever.
    And that’s it.
    A nanny – cares for the kids full or part time while there parents are at work. They act kind of like a second mom to the kids. Make sure they stick to rules, taking there naps, feed them meals, teach them, take them places, etc… Just like a mom would.
    Not all nannies spend 24/7 with the kids and family. Those are au pairs.
    There is au pair , nanny and baby sitter. All a little diff.

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