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What is the difference between a CNA, MA, and a PCT?

by tom44 on August 27, 2012

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Question by terryc84: What is the difference between a CNA, MA, and a PCT?
What are the requirements (from the state, I live in Illinois) to perform each of these jobs, and what are the differences in teh actual positions? It seems they are used interchangably some times?

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Answer by SAMMY
cna is a cert. nurses aide> the work to floor do the little things nurses don’t want too
CMA is a cert. medication aide or Tech in missouri> they pass meds to petients and call in orders to pharmacy
(this is what I do)

pct? never heard it maybe patient care tech same cna? just for a hospital or in home care?

they are not inchangable, you have to takes courses for these certifications

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One thought on “What is the difference between a CNA, MA, and a PCT?

  1. Robert W says:

    CNAs do “hands on” patient care at nursing homes and hospitals such as changing bed-pans, showering, etc.etc. They don’t do anything that involves passing medications, giving shots, starting / discontinuing IVs, catheters, taking vital signs, and the like. To be a CNA requires a very brief course-study, a month or more at the most. PCT, is pretty much the same as CNA, but it is mostly people who work in assisted living centers or home health, where the care is less demanding. MA or medical assistants work in doctor’s offices, and assist with things like taking vital signs, and are also able to give shots and take blood. The course study for an MA is more intensified, and can take as much as two years to complete.

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