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What is the best route from Minnesota to California?

by tom44 on April 15, 2013

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Question by mngirl: What is the best route from Minnesota to California?
I am a 25 year old female. I live in Minneapolis, MN and I am moving to Los Angeles, CA at the end of September. I am doing the drive in a car with my friend. We want to do the drive in 3-6 days. I want to know what the best path to take to get the best scenic route. We want to make a vacation out of it and I want to see some fun things and places. Any ideas would be great!

Best answer:

Answer by Peedlepup
It would help if you stated which part of California. It’s a big state, ya know.

Basically if you’re going to Northern California take I-80 straight across. If you’re going to Southern California take I-80 to Salt Lake City, then I-15 South.

When you move be sure to bring a job with you. California has the 2d highest unemployment rate in the country, and in our economic climate it is common to need a year or more to find work. Also expect everything you need and use to cost about 50% more than it does in Minnesota. California is one of the MOST expensive states to live in. Most who actually live in California agree that for anyone to make a successful move they will need at least $ 10,000 cash in hand just to get established, and that will barely last you 2 months. You can NOT survive in California working a minimum wage job. You need about $ 35,000 a year annual salary just to squeak by with little left over.

Oh, one last thing. Please leave all the “Lutefisk” in Minnesota. It tastes like boiled sponge rubber. Yuck!

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